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and Reflexology Practitioners
Professional & General Liability coverage

Impact Insurance Brokers Inc. has been a leader in providing specialized coverage for Holistic professionals for more than fifteen years. We are proud to be associated with the RRCO in providing its members with an industry leading ‘occurrence based policies’ insurance policy. Our policy offers the broadest definitions of modalities at cost effective pricing. With our instant on-line quotation and policy issuance software, we’ve made purchasing insurance a seamless experience.

Premiums start at $185.00 per year for active members of the RRCO. While coverage is available to non-members, we invite you to consider a membership and save on your insurance cost.

Our policy includes:

  • Exclusive wordings
  • The industry’s broadest range of insured modalities for one price
  • Instant on-line quotation and policy issuance
  • Available property coverage extension
  • Retroactive coverage available

$2,000,000 Professional Malpractice and Business Liability on an
 ‘Occurrence basis’ policy to simplify managing your insurance.

  • ‘Abuse and Molestation’ Extension Claims Made Form
  • per claim/annual aggregate $100,000
    1. Expenses for the defense of civil actions
    2. Includes Legal Expense Reimbursement of $25,000 for criminal actions
  • ** Coverage only applies when you are pleading and adjudged to be innocent of the offence

  • $500,000 Unintentional Breach of Confidentiality  Claims Made Form
  • $100,000 Employer’s Liability - per occurrence
  • $500,000 Tenant’s Legal Liability - per occurrence
  • Included   Unintentional Failure to refer to Healthcare Provider       

Click on the link above and find out for yourself whether our product line meets your insurance needs. 

Our broad list of therapies include:

  • Body Work: Shiatsu, Reflexology, etc.
  • Massage: Registered, Relaxation, Therapeutic, etc.
  • Services to Bring Healing Relaxation to the Mind and Body
  • Energy Healing Services: Reiki, etc.
  • TCM and Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Spa & Esthetician Services
  • As well as many additional modalities and therapies 

Our enhanced definition of insured practices offers coverage for a broad array of modalities. By noting therapies under these broad outlines, modalities in addition to Reflexology utilizing the treatments noted below are also insured. Consequently massage now covers all such similar therapies regardless of the school or clinical title. The same is true for energy work such as Reiki, Healing Touch and all similar therapies. If your treatment can be defined by the list of practices, they are automatically covered.

For your convenience and guidance a listing of modalities is included. If you practice in Canada and conform to the broad definitions above, you can participate in our insurance program.

Protecting Against Legal Claims

Reflexology insurance will also protect practitioners against legal claims such as a slip and fall on your premises, or reaction to products you may use. Reflexologists invest years of time and money in their education and designation to establish their practice, and can lose it all with a dissatisfied client.

Avoid the stressful ramifications of failing to protect your professional and personal interests by choosing a specialized coverage plan that will ensure you peace of mind.

How to mitigate potential problems with your clients?

It starts with good communication – your clients should know what to expect when coming to your clinic.

  • Walk them through what they can expect – will there be any side-effects to the treatment plan you have created for them?
  • Set realistic expectations – they may expect to be cured of their ailments after a few visits.
  • Good housekeeping standards will minimize any general liability claims. Ensure any equipment is checked regularly before using. This could be something as simple as the chairs in your waiting room!
  • Due diligence on the part of the clinic owner and practitioner is the best prevention.
  • Thorough note taking is essential in today’s busy world. Not only does it ensure you are up to date on the services rendered a patient – but the patient can take comfort in your level of professionalism

Hands-On Insurance for Hands-On Treatment

The manipulation and release experienced through Reflexology are thought to improve one’s energy, (or qi,) and can provide relief to a variety of maladies as a result. The practice should not be confused with massage therapy or acupuncture – there are essential differences between these treatments. Acupuncture for example, uses trigger points across the whole body whereas reflexology focuses on the feet, hands and ears. These types of therapies all are often used and recommended for treating symptoms of stress. This type of treatment is hands-on. Clients and practitioners work closely together and often in this type of environment, the practitioner may find themselves vulnerable to liability claims or complaints.

Reflexology insurance is designed to protect practitioners from malpractice suits and other types of legal liability issues.

Alternative therapy is often recommended for people who are suffering from stress, to help improve dietary habits and hormonal imbalances or injuries. Clinics and spas typically have different practitioners on staff who can provide a vast selection of treatments to help their clients maintain overall mental and physical health. Successful clinics will ensure all practitioners working under their roof will be covered with specific industry-related insurance policies. Reflexology is one such treatment, and the expectation is practitioners will have a specific reflexology insurance policy to cover general liability claims that can negatively affect their business.

Reflexology Prevents Anxiety, Stress

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine and although not used to specifically diagnose illnesses, many people worldwide consult with a reflexologist to improve symptoms of underlying maladies. The treatment is often provided in salons or spas, chiropractic or wellness clinics by registered practitioners. The treatment is a form of gentle manipulation and involves pressing on certain parts of the foot to trigger a positive effect on specific muscles or organs. Reflexology follows the idea that certain areas of the foot, hands and ears can trigger a release or effect in different zones throughout the rest of the body. For example, someone who is exhibiting gastrointestinal discomfort may seek a reflexologist’s services to provide relief when traditional medicine is unable to. By stimulating the "digestion” zone of the reflexology chart, a practitioner will try to trigger relief for their patient. Reflexology is said to prevent stress, anxiety, complements cancer treatment and enhances overall well-being.